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ready to take your business to the next level?

let’s do it!

Let’s empower YOUr website & brand 
SO YOu can fall in love with your business again!
ready to take your business to the next level?

let’s do it!

  Let’s empower YOUr website& brand so you can fall in love with your business again!

 let’s do it!

  Let’s empower YOUr website & brand
SO YOU CAN fall in love with your business again!

For those who are ready to turn their website visitors into loyal loving customers

I have been in the space of digital marketing for 4 years now and my goal while building a website is not only to make sure that you love it but also to make sure that it’s designed to keep your potential clients stay on it, fall in love with your brand and most importantly, become your customers.

For those who are ready to turn their website visitors into loyal loving customers

I have been in the space of digital marketing for 4 years now and my goal while building a website is not only to make sure that you love it but also to make sure that it’s designed to keep your potential clients stay on it, fall in love with your brand and most importantly, become your customers.

Hi! I’m GIN

My mission is to inspire others to live an extraordinary life and leave their imprint and their immortal legacy for generations to come. I help entrepreneurs empower their true purpose and create brands and websites that inspire them and their clients.


My areas of research

Website Design & Development

Empowering Your Brand Development

Instagram & Facebook Organic Marketing Strategies

Yoga & Spiritual Wellbeing

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Can you find what you need here?

If you need your website done or created ASAP, you are in the right place. Usually, I aim to complete a new project within 1 month (subject to availability). 

Finding a person who understands your needs and designs the website that you love, can be very stressful. I want to reassure you that I will go above and beyond to create just what you need.

Here you will also get to know other ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders who are on the path of creating their own successful and inspiring brands and websites. Most importantly, they are willing to share their stories, knowledge, and experience. Check out my BLOG page for the tips, inspiration, and other resources.


Find your natural gifts and the impact that you wish to make in this world! I can’t express enough how important this is. Trust me, having a business that you don’t feel truly passionate about is much worse than being in a full-time job! No one is going to pay you salary, you will be spending a lot of time at the beginning, and you will face a lot of fears and challenges!

There’s nothing better than being able to make a difference in this world, being your own boss and leaving the legacy for the generations to come. However, you need to lay the strong foundations and know exactly why you are doing what you are doing.

I’ve spent years trying to find out what is it that I love doing and would be able to earn an income out of that. Today, I’ve gathered all the information that helped me discover it and I’m sharing it with other spiritual souls to help them live the life with purpose, meaning & fulfillment.

I am dedicated to helping others make the impact that they were born to make in this world. IF YOU WISH TO TRULY EMPOWER YOUR BRAND & WEBSITE, I CAN HELP YOU!

Book in a free consultation and I will guide you towards the most suitable tools & resources for your particular case.

Would you like to see some empowered website examples?

Empowered Websites owners have an opportunity to amend their websites on-demand as each of them has been provided the support and understanding on how to maintain and amend their websites even after its completed from my side. To make sure you are looking at the version of their website created by me, please find the demos below.

Insight Wedding Photography

Andy Crozier will make you feel like you are the only client he’s got and will blow you away with his level of commitment, always being ready to go the extra mile, and even pour a glass of champagne for you if needed! 😍🥂

He knows you are busy and he is ready to share his experience to make sure all is sorted for you before, on, and after the wedding. The moment you give him his trust, he will prove himself worth it 1000%!


Andy Crozier will always make you laugh, relax, and allow you to just be you without any stress.

Together on his website we created the atmosphere where we hope you can really feel his love, dedication, and care for everyone related to your big day too.

I mean, if you’ve got way too much stress about planning it all and then worrying to make everyone happy and then making sure that you do have those timeless moments captured, this man is a perfect photographer for you. He will definitely make it easier!

Look at the emotions and moments this man captures while allowing everyone to have a real party and all his outstanding feedbacks! 🤩😍💜

I feel blessed to have a client as him because I had to experience his love, generosity, kindness, and care too! And I am so proud to help him make the impact that he was born to make with his gifts on a much bigger scale! 🤩

The Digital Yogini

It’s not just a website. Niamh Asple is on a mission to help yogis to be able to do what they love and actually be able to support themselves. She wants them to be able to breathe again.

Being super passionate about yoga herself, Niamh was in a situation where she struggled to buy a pair of jeans for herself. It’s not the jeans that mattered. But the fact that she was working more than ever, giving her heart and soul, and still struggling to make a living out of it. She believes that no spiritual teacher should ever be in this place.

We created her website to be home (shala if you wish) where she can invite yogis. She is committed to helping them find a way out and be able to not only survive but actually thrive in life!

Her website and brand make her potential clients feel that they are going to be supported on their journey of creating a life of balance for themselves.

Although she is a spiritual soul, she does admire discipline and professionalism which is reflected in everything that she does. She is determined and driven to help other yogis experience the relief of being supported with the tools and resources they need to manifest the biggest adventures of their life: full of fun, joy, happiness, and gratitude.

This girl is on a mission and nothing can stop her now! She is making a difference in this world every day!💜😍🤩👏💪

Bocker Photography

Today I am super proud of this extremely talented portrait master Alastair Bocker! 🤩😍📸

I had the honor to build his website and help him share his love and enthusiasm for his photography clients!

This guy is a loving soul who not only will make you laugh and relax but also will show you in your full beauty!

It’s the experience that he is creating for the families and talents to treasure for the rest of their lives!

I can’t express enough how proud I am of Ally who is constantly investing in himself and making sure he is on top of giving the best experience and memories for his clients.

And on top of that, his website has been chosen to be showcased during the live educational event for hundreds of professional photographers as an example of how you can create a beautiful online home for your audience!🤩😍

Sue Gilmore Photography

Imagine you could have a dog photographer who is also a dog behavior pro! 🤩😍 Sue Gilmore is exactly the person to go to!

It has been my pleasure to build a website for this kind spiritual soul who is so loving and passionate about dogs.

She is also a constant meditation inspiration and support in our Empowered Spiritual Entrepreneurs Hub. I mean, we are in lockdown now, but once it’s over, make sure you have her in your contacts! You can find her in our community too. I will add a link below if you wish to connect 

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  • Gin is pure GOLD, her find your purpose exercise has helped me discover my true worth and changed how I see my place in the world and clarified the purpose of my business. I cannot recommend this enough. Thank you Gin xx

    Amanda Clarke Avatar
    Amanda Clarke

    I can honestly say that Gin has changed my life.
    My lifelong search for my passion and purpose left me feeling lost without any direction. Gin completely shifted all of that for me, by going through my life story, and connecting dots I didn’t realise where even there! She has a unique gift of listening to common traits from major life events and how I handled them. Through these values and perceptions, she comes up with the most incredibly powerful mission statement for your life purpose.
    When Gin read out my mission statement for the first time, I felt all the pieces fall into place. I had this sense of peace, finally knowing who I was, why I’ve been attracted to certain things, and how I can make a difference in the world using my unique gifts.
    Gin has an incredible talent and I am SO happy I found her when I did. She’s enabled me to move forward in my business and in the world.
    I cannot thank you enough Gin!

    Sian Meeuwsen Avatar
    Sian Meeuwsen

    I just had a pleasure to review my webpage with Gin. What have truly amazed me that she offered me her own time and give me a constructive feedback and some real valuable information how to move forward.

    I can’t thank you enough Gin the value you have given to me and the tools you have shared🙂

    She is one of a kind💫

    Norbert Hrunevics Avatar
    Norbert Hrunevics

    Gin was absolutely fantastic today. Her insights in to what may work best for and your website is phenomenal. Gin showed me in two minutes what I can share of myself with others- I never even thought of doing what Gin suggested.
    If you need some help and motivation to move forward in your business I have no hesitation in saying get in touch with Gin- you will not regret it.
    Thanks a million Gin
    Chris Traher

    Croc One Avatar
    Croc One

    Gin was so helpful. I was completely lost and didn't know where to start. But Gin reached out and really took so much guesswork out of the whole process. Forever thankful.

    Ben Hays Avatar
    Ben Hays

    I got all my questions answered during our very short meeting . I would definitely recommend her professional services.
    Thank you Gin!

    Anneko Bageny Avatar
    Anneko Bageny

    Gin thank you so much for your time and help🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✨
    I am so blessed that I asked for your help and received more than I expected. Your advices help me to create a website that I love. I felt positive vibes after our call and had a clear view what to do next.
    You are the light at the end of the tunnel and I highly appreciate your time and desire to help. Thank you very much again

    Irina Kim Avatar
    Irina Kim

    Gin's help and support with my website has been invaluable. I couldn’t have done any of it without her! She has also been very generous with her time.
    Thank you so much.

    Sisi Burn Avatar
    Sisi Burn

    Here I am, trying to say something about my dealings with a business owner who is not only professional and capable but an enthusiastic entrepreneur who's human and warm-hearted approach can only come from an awakened state of being.
    Gintare Dainelyte has taken my breath more than once in her coaching alongside creating my website. She's given my longing to express myself a firm base so I can look forward with confidence to contribute my bit to the all so important process of change.
    Thank you, Gin! You are a beam of sunlight shining for all to see!

    Richard C. Rickert Avatar
    Richard C. Rickert
  • I’m excited as my website in “under construction “ being transformed by Gintare Dainelyte!

    Gintare did a website evaluation for me and there were major recommendations she suggested . Such as my website speed wasn’t great which is so crucial for visitors , my Home Page needed to imply the pain points for my Avatar and totally changed it.

    Originally, we were just going to change few things but I agreed to make a total transformation because Gintare has so much great ideas.

    I really felt Gintare’s heart is to make nothing but the best website for you .
    Yes, far exceeded my expectations! It’s all worth it.

    Thank you Gintare!

    Bobbee Mamaclay Barba Avatar
    Bobbee Mamaclay Barba

    Gin gave me useful advice and feedback on how to make my website perform faster, and shared resources that will allow me to test it myself once I've made some changes. She also offers an optimisation service which I'll bear in mind if I get stuck 🙂 She demonstrated how I could adapt my design to display better on mobile devices, and link multiple CTA's on the same page to my opt-in form. Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand. Great value, thank you Gin!

    Caroline Grubb Avatar
    Caroline Grubb

    We are really pleased with the support and guidance that Gintare gave us. As a result we got to improve the speed of our website and we earned a better perspective of how to use Divi builder more efficient
    Dari & Blago (Our Desired Lifestyle Team)

    Blagovest Chorev Avatar
    Blagovest Chorev

    Working with Empowered Websites has been the best thing that happened to me. Thank you, Gin, for your expertise at building websites from scratch and at optimizing them. I like that you use Wordpress and Divi Theme which gives me lots of space to play with design, content, colours, etc. Moreover, later it is simple to use and update on my own. Then, I admire your speed! To have the compliant website expressing you and your brand ready as fast as 1 week is a true mastery!!! I feel inspired and reassured that I provide the best possible experience for my customers. With Empowered Websites it is all in one package 👍

    Andrea Rohonova Avatar
    Andrea Rohonova

    Hi Gin. Just wanted to say, that the value you gave me by helping me understanding what is absolutely THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to have on my website, is priceless! Now I will be able to serve my customers so much better - and in doing that, I will be able to live my dream life!

    Guni Blohm Avatar
    Guni Blohm

    I had a call with GIn, and it was a great pleasure to talk to her and listen to her advice about my website, my business purpose and more. Gin is very professional, but at the same time, she tells you what you should do with kindness and clarity on how to improve things for your business. I felt a great open-mindedness in the way she answered to my questions, and generosity with the time she dedicated to me and the care she gave me to resolve my issues. Gin's advice is precious, and you can feel the passion she has for her work and to help others to get better results. Another important thing for me: she made me feel at ease right away, and the conversation was delightful, even though we were speaking about techno stuff. Thank you so much!

    Roxana Russo Avatar
    Roxana Russo

    Gin is a true expert in all things from websites, Instagram, Facebook and and anything else to do with the internet. Don't hesitate to contact her. She's great to do business with!

    Suzanne Lion Avatar
    Suzanne Lion

    Thank you, Gintare, for your help. My landing page looks much better, it's visually better and all the tips were very helpful. It didn't take much time to adjust your tips, and the conversions increased. Great job.
    This is the second time you've helped me. Maybe you don't know about it, but I built some websites with you a long time ago, at the beginning of my internet career, listening to the reruns of your lectures. Now direct contact with you was even better.
    Thank you again.

    Aldona Gholamzadeh Avatar
    Aldona Gholamzadeh

    This morning I had a consultation with Gin regarding my web site and marketing funnel. Honestly, I had almost given up on the site, not really knowing what to do with it and why I should invest more. Gin made me look at it from a different angle and showed me its importance as part of the message I'm trying to convey with my marketing - her insights are extremely valuable.
    And the tip on my landing page was the icing on the cake - thanks Gin!

    Marco Zuliani Avatar
    Marco Zuliani
  • Gin was really helpful in reviewing my website for me, identifying some pitfalls and making suggestions on how things could be improved. I came away from our call feeling energised, thoughts jumping around excitedly in my head following the discussions we'd had around options, and feeling more focused about the way forward - not just for my website, but also my business. Thank you Gin.

    Chris Campbell Avatar
    Chris Campbell

    Gin was instrumental in supporting us both with brand development and website build. She consistently went above and beyond in terms of her time and service. It struck me in the process of building a website, just how technical, speedy and efficient she is, a fountain of knowledge! We were not familiar with how to build a business website from scratch, but with Gin’s invaluable help it was possible and we are so delighted with the results. Kit and I would strongly recommend Gin’s services.


    Samantha Jennings Film & Choreography Avatar
    Samantha Jennings Film & Choreography

    I was very fortunate to have Empowered Websites design and build my business website recently. The website is everything I had hoped for and more. Gin was so attentive and thorough when it came to my requirements and vision as to how I wanted the site to look, her suggestions were always spot on and her work ethic superb. She worked well within timescales and was always on hand for any questions I had. Truly first class service and a company/person I will return to in the future. 100% recommend!! A+++

    allybocker . Avatar
    allybocker .
It’s Going to be an extraordinary journey!

Let’s build your dream website!

It’s Going to be an extraordinary journey

Let’s build your dream website!