Your top values may not be what you assumed or wanted them to be. In fact, they are changing as we live so it’s even harder to actually be constantly aware of your current highest values.

But let me give you a classic example to quickly illustrate this.

Everyone agrees that family is a huge value and that it should be our top priority. Ask anyone who is in a family, having kids. Ask them, what’s most important for you in your life?

– My family,- says the ambitious guy or girl who spends most of his time talking about work, thinking about work or being at work.

And sure, both of these things might be important in their life, but their actions are showing which one is more important at this moment in their life.

What you assume or think you want and what you actually live by could be two very different things, and this becomes apparent once you ask yourself the right questions.

Today I want to share with you the questions that I have found in Dr. John Demartini’s book ‘Inspired Destiny’. He advises that these questions can help you see what your highest values truly are, so:


What do you talk to people about?

What inspires you?

What do you visualize?

What do you think about?

Where are you most organized?

How do you spend your money?

How do you spend your energy?

How do you spend your time?

How do you fill your space?

What are your top goals?

What you think you want may actually be influenced by the values of those you’ve given the authority to.

Most people are unaware of what their real values are, and instead, they’ve developed unrealistic expectations that don’t match what their genuine life goals are.

Whenever you adopt an unrealistic fantasy, you might try to change yourself into someone or something you aren’t.

Then when you naturally continue to live according to what is truly important to you, you beat yourself up for not being who you believe you should or acting how you think you should.

In every moment your decisions and actions demonstrate your higher values. You will always sacrifice whatever relates to your lower values to whatever relates to your higher ones.

One more interesting thing is, that what you’re perceiving as missing drives your values.

See if you can identify the things that you lacked in your past that you value today.

For example, when I was little I could never travel abroad because we never had enough money. And was dreaming of getting to know the world, different cultures, cuisines, and history. I was dreaming of being able to have the freedom to do what I want in life and not be limited. Thus, traveling, freedom and adventures became one of my top priorities as soon as I was able to be independent and start creating life my own way.

The highest value will be the same as what you perceive as most “missing” in your life.

Since your values change and realign themselves over time, it’s wise to reevaluate what is important to you on a regular basis to stay on top of your priorities.

Set some time aside every three months.

Become clear on your values now and you’ll begin to actively design your future, setting your goals according to what is truly important to you.

Connection with your authentic values opens the path to your purpose and your fulfilling life.

Sometimes it might be really tricky, to admit what is truly important to you and what is not, especially if you have been battling your inner self for quite a while now.

Dr. John Demartini has also given these affirmations to help you find your highest values:

He advises to choose at least one of the following affirmations and repeat it to yourself every day for at least the next month (ideally for the next few months).

If it seems particularly challenging (or particularly rewarding), he advises to make a commitment to repeat it to yourself every day for the rest of your life.:


I know what my highest values in life are and I appreciate and honor them.

I set goals according to my highest and most authentic values.

I fulfilled my life by living in alignment with my highest values.

I live a meaningful and inspiring life.


So I wish you to create your life according to your highest values. I think, that it’s the biggest gift that you can give yourself in this world.

Best of luck and hope to connect with you soon!

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