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😱 You don’t need a website to get started.
😱 You don’t need a website to get your first client.
🤩 But having a website can be a wonderful tool to support your business and impact that you are making in this world.

Here are the reasons why you do wish to have a website for a long-lasting and successful business:

✅ Lead Generation:
People need to see your ad at least 7 times before they buy. I would say, in reality, it’s often like 15-30 times! You want to get your potential customers on your email list, so that you can keep building the relationship with them not only relying on social media algorithms and platforms.

✅ Help Customers Find You:
Let’s say they heard about you. A friend, social media, webinar, you were a guest speaker, whatever. Often, they will come to the point where they are ready to check you out again and take action. They will Google you. Make it easy for them to find you at any time. People like to explore, do their due diligence. Be there.

✅ Build Trust & Credibility:
80 % of customers believe that a business with a website is more credible than that which only has a social media page.

✅ It’s a perfect place to help them realize WHY YOU?!
Having your own website will help you be more flexible and not be restricted by social media designs, process, and technology. On your website you can freely express your brand.

Having an empowered website is another great way to create the feeling, make the impact, and build trust.

✅ Save your time:
Make your life easier -> create home for existing clients and leads: checkouts, resources, sneak peeks, examples.

Listen to what your audience constantly ask you and create the pages that you can easily send with all the answers instead of creating long emails and attaching lots of files each time.

Your website will also pre-qualify your leads and attract ideal clients for you.

✅ Grow Your Business:
Make it easy for others to share about you.


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