Adding an Aweber HTML Code to NameCheap Hosted Website Failed

If Divi Code Module Doesn’t Save

If you see this error when saving code module you will need to reach out to NameCheap support.

Login to your Namecheap account and scroll to the very bottom until you see a button “Chat with a Live Person”.

Then click the orange chat bubble on the bottom right.

Send them the below message (please amend the bold field to your own website)


Hey guys, I am building my website that I build with you. Once I try to add an embed code (that’s my Aweber opt in form) the Divi Builder doesn’t save and bring the following error:

I reached out to Elegant Themes but they advised me to reach out to you and ask you to disable firewall such as mod_security or whitelist the requests that are being blocked, then check if you can save again. 

I have already had this issue before for a different account and domain. The Namecheap support person said that they had refresh the Modsecurity logs. And that he whitelisted the triggered rule.

It fixed the problem. Could you please do the same for my domain.

If you do need to access and test the whole process yourself here are the steps:

Open a Home Page. Click Edit with Divi Visual Builder. Hover over around the modules and anywhere you see a black plus, click it to add a new module. Then type in code in the search and add the code module. I can’t paste the html code in here as you will not receive it but if you wish to give me a share link I will share there. Then just click a green tick to save. Then 3 white dots in a purple circle at the bottom of the screen (in the middle) and then green save in the right bottom corner. Then the error (print screen above) appears.