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I’m the founder of Empowered Websites and I truly believe that together we can make this world a better place. My mission is to inspire others to live an extraordinary life and leave their imprint and their immortal legacy for generations to come. I help entrepreneurs empower their true purpose and create brands and websites that inspire them and their clients.

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I used to be a one-man-band. It was comfortable until it got uncomfortable. I realised that the demand for our services was much higher than I could deal with working just by myself. I knew the process that I have developed was making a huge difference in spiritual entrepreneurs’ lives and their businesses and if I had a powerful team we could make a difference on a much bigger scale.

Today, I feel so blessed to have a team of super creative, kind, and gifted souls who are dedicated to doing everything to help our clients become the empowered leaders that they truly are. I’m super proud of them and it’s my absolute honour to introduce them to you:

Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks

Website & Brand Developer

“My Mission in life is to provide as much value as I can to people. To help inspire and motivate them into visualizing a life where they can be their authentic selves. So they can feel empowered to create a life and business that really makes a difference in this world.

My Vision is to help others to create lives of complete freedom, living abundantly and completely satisfied. Continuing to growing together every day to create a genuine and meaningful life.

As someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression, I know about the hard struggles in life. Being able to completely re-skill myself and live life on my terms is the ultimate freedom.

I now want to have an impact on other people’s lives so they too can live life in abundance and share their unique gift with the world.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.”

Haley Murphree

Haley Murphree

Social Media Executive, Meditation & Yoga Teacher

“My personal mission is to be so radically present in my interactions with others that they feel seen, heard, and understood instantly.

I believe that your own personal well being is caught up in the well being of others, being able to offer radical presence can help to uplift the other to their highest potential. I want to impact the world by lifting others up and helping make this world a more loving and engaging place.

What is the one thing if you achieved it you would know it was worth a struggle?

I wish to become completely non-judgemental of myself and others, I have not completely achieved this, but I know if I do, it will be worth all the struggle.”

Niamh Asple

Niamh Asple

Finding Your True Purpose Mentor, Email Marketing Specialist, & Yoga Teacher

“I believe that every person on this planet has come here for a reason. I also believe that every person has the potential to create a deep and meaningful impact that truly aligns with the core of their being and makes their heart sing. Knowing the profound impact that finding my own purpose has had on my life and knowing the strength, the level of self-worth, and the sense of direction it has given me. I feel deeply called to help others uncover their true purpose and help them to become the person they were born to be.”

Jason Neal

Jason Neal

Website & Brand Developer

“My personal mission is to provide both educational and emotionally-driven immersive experiences that use modern technology to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The concept is to explore and use these experiences to elicit emotion and connect on a level that focusses on positivity to improve mental wellbeing, especially for those who suffer from irrational anxiety and fears, stress, and depression. It will be to provide a platform in which individuals can break free and escape the boundaries of which they have created for themselves.”



  • I can honestly say that Gin has changed my life.
    My lifelong search for my passion and purpose left me feeling lost without any direction. Gin completely shifted all of that for me, by going through my life story, and connecting dots I didn’t realise where even there! She has a unique gift of listening to common traits from major life events and how I handled them. Through these values and perceptions, she comes up with the most incredibly powerful mission statement for your life purpose.
    When Gin read out my mission statement for the first time, I felt all the pieces fall into place. I had this sense of peace, finally knowing who I was, why I’ve been attracted to certain things, and how I can make a difference in the world using my unique gifts.
    Gin has an incredible talent and I am SO happy I found her when I did. She’s enabled me to move forward in my business and in the world.
    I cannot thank you enough Gin!

    Sian Meeuwsen Avatar
    Sian Meeuwsen

    Here I am, trying to say something about my dealings with a business owner who is not only professional and capable but an enthusiastic entrepreneur who's human and warm-hearted approach can only come from an awakened state of being.
    Gintare Dainelyte has taken my breath more than once in her coaching alongside creating my website. She's given my longing to express myself a firm base so I can look forward with confidence to contribute my bit to the all so important process of change.
    Thank you, Gin! You are a beam of sunlight shining for all to see!

    Richard C. Rickert Avatar
    Richard C. Rickert

    I had a call with GIn, and it was a great pleasure to talk to her and listen to her advice about my website, my business purpose and more. Gin is very professional, but at the same time, she tells you what you should do with kindness and clarity on how to improve things for your business. I felt a great open-mindedness in the way she answered to my questions, and generosity with the time she dedicated to me and the care she gave me to resolve my issues. Gin's advice is precious, and you can feel the passion she has for her work and to help others to get better results. Another important thing for me: she made me feel at ease right away, and the conversation was delightful, even though we were speaking about techno stuff. Thank you so much!

    Roxana Russo Avatar
    Roxana Russo

    Thank you, Gintare, for your help. My landing page looks much better, it's visually better and all the tips were very helpful. It didn't take much time to adjust your tips, and the conversions increased. Great job.
    This is the second time you've helped me. Maybe you don't know about it, but I built some websites with you a long time ago, at the beginning of my internet career, listening to the reruns of your lectures. Now direct contact with you was even better.
    Thank you again.

    Aldona Gholamzadeh Avatar
    Aldona Gholamzadeh

    Gin was instrumental in supporting us both with brand development and website build. She consistently went above and beyond in terms of her time and service. It struck me in the process of building a website, just how technical, speedy and efficient she is, a fountain of knowledge! We were not familiar with how to build a business website from scratch, but with Gin’s invaluable help it was possible and we are so delighted with the results. Kit and I would strongly recommend Gin’s services.


    Samantha Jennings Film & Choreography Avatar
    Samantha Jennings Film & Choreography

    I was very fortunate to have Empowered Websites design and build my business website recently. The website is everything I had hoped for and more. Gin was so attentive and thorough when it came to my requirements and vision as to how I wanted the site to look, her suggestions were always spot on and her work ethic superb. She worked well within timescales and was always on hand for any questions I had. Truly first class service and a company/person I will return to in the future. 100% recommend!! A+++

    allybocker . Avatar
    allybocker .
It’s Going to be an extraordinary journey!

Let’s build your dream website!

It’s Going to be an extraordinary journey

Let’s build your dream website!