we are on a mission

to make a difference

in this world
we are on a mission

to make a difference

in this world


  • I can honestly say that Gin has changed my life.
    My lifelong search for my passion and purpose left me feeling lost without any direction. Gin completely shifted all of that for me, by going through my life story, and connecting dots I didn’t realise where even there! She has a unique gift of listening to common traits from major life events and how I handled them. Through these values and perceptions, she comes up with the most incredibly powerful mission statement for your life purpose.
    When Gin read out my mission statement for the first time, I felt all the pieces fall into place. I had this sense of peace, finally knowing who I was, why I’ve been attracted to certain things, and how I can make a difference in the world using my unique gifts.
    Gin has an incredible talent and I am SO happy I found her when I did. She’s enabled me to move forward in my business and in the world.
    I cannot thank you enough Gin!

    Sian Meeuwsen Avatar
    Sian Meeuwsen

    Thank you, Gintare, for your help. My landing page looks much better, it's visually better and all the tips were very helpful. It didn't take much time to adjust your tips, and the conversions increased. Great job.
    This is the second time you've helped me. Maybe you don't know about it, but I built some websites with you a long time ago, at the beginning of my internet career, listening to the reruns of your lectures. Now direct contact with you was even better.
    Thank you again.

    Aldona Gholamzadeh Avatar
    Aldona Gholamzadeh

    I was very fortunate to have Empowered Websites design and build my business website recently. The website is everything I had hoped for and more. Gin was so attentive and thorough when it came to my requirements and vision as to how I wanted the site to look, her suggestions were always spot on and her work ethic superb. She worked well within timescales and was always on hand for any questions I had. Truly first class service and a company/person I will return to in the future. 100% recommend!! A+++

    allybocker . Avatar
    allybocker .



Gin has great technical expertise in website construction, IT skills, and marketing strategies as a digital entrepreneur.

She has the ability to articulate clearly, communicate verbally and non-verbal thru webinar presentations technical and complex IT instructions.

Gin is a born leader in developing, teaching, and enhancing people life skills.

She is a team player with great collaborative skills ability to work in an international community environment.

Gin’s unique abilities are her sense of humor, very generous, humble, supporting people to change their lives.

She is the best in the world at being very patient and listening, meticulous in her work, ability to work under pressure, driven and a high achiever.

- Lawrence Billington

Self-employed at RasGas

I would describe Gin as a reliable, knowledgeable, professional, very friendly, courageous, supportive, good listener, open person. She doesn’t show any signs of fear of failure!

I think she is an incredibly open person. Just looking at her pictures and videos I can tell she is an open and warm soul. It shows in her eyes, smile and her whole body language. This in return makes a person (me) feel welcome in her world.

Gin is always smiling and that puts people at ease and doesn’t make them feel guarded. It tells me that she is approachable and ready to listen and help!

- Jane Pak

Co-Founder of Re-write the Rule Book

Gin has a big heart to serve others, people can rely on her.

She is driven, great with people and has a beautiful heart.

- Karolina Blaszkiewicz

Theta Healer

Gin is best in the world at sharing her inner power in any expressive way. Sharing her own views and values in her unique creative way and inspiring others.

She is amazing at combining her inner power knowledge with her playfulness and love.

Gin has great social skills ability to communicate on an emotional and deeper level. She is very likable by many and always comes across authentic and honest.

Gin is very positive and giving person. She has charisma and shines when speaking from her heart. She is a hard worker always wanting to grow personally and learn new skills.

You can always count on her.

- Rick Hendricks

Otherwise known as Digital Marketing Cowboy

Gin to me seems to be a very caring, loyal, passionate, fun, driven and a giver.

Her special gift to me is that she is a true inspiration to others, leading and showing that everything is possible with determination, self-believe and courage.

- Marta Botica

Reiki Master-Teacher

Gin believes in what she does (she makes others believe, too = leading by example).

Gin is consistent and disciplined. She likes challenges and exploring the new things.

Gin shares with others, she does care about others, she helps and is a very giving person.

What Gin is able to do best is to listen to people and to show them the way.

She is the most giving person in the world, always there to help anyone who asks for help and many times she finds those who need help but are scared to ask!

- Andrea Rohonova

The Founder of Fit on the Board

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